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Finding Meaning in Life - Latest Wisdom, Simple Ways.

Based on the philosophy of renowned psychiatrist Dr Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) and his groundbreaking bestseller Man’s Search for Meaning, this 160-page book aims to introduce a new generation to Frankl’s belief that all people seek meaning in their lives and suffer without it.

“We see our book as a tool that anyone can use to help with their mental fitness and ability to do their best and to have a meaning-filled and exciting life.” Finding New Meaning in Life is a both a self-help book and guide to mental fitness, offering tips and ideas that are accessible to everyone.

Logotherapy Worksheets

There are a range of self-help instruments available for personal use. Click the yellow button below to be taken to the Logotherapy Worksheet page where you can read more about the different instruments and instructions for accessing them.

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