About us

Lifechange Therapies aims to help people connect with meaning in life. It is the teaching arm of the Viktor Frankl Institute Australia.

Our Vision

To help our clients to discover the unique meaning of their life.
To educate our students to become competent Logotherapy practitioners in their professional life.
The foundation of Meaning centered therapy (Logotherapy) is the belief that:

Life ALWAYS has meaning – in all circumstances.


Our greatest desire in life is to find our meaning in life .


We are always free to CHOOSE meaningful pathways.

What is Logotherapy?

A doctor of psychology, former school principal and education administrator, Dr McQuillan now works full-time as a counsellor and therapist, practising and teaching logotherapy.

“We have become a self-centered society,” Dr McQuillan said. “Look at medicine and psychology – it is about ‘cure’, or easing the pain, or becoming a better me, or looking deep inside my past. Human beings can only be better people when they look outside of themselves and give to others. We have all of the means to live, but it seems, nothing to live for.”

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