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Logotherapy Is For Everyone

Logotherapy provides and additional set of skills that will add to your professional expertise. It will provide you with a deeper understanding of what it means to be human and of life itself.
  • Our courses have graduates and students from the medical profession, psychology, counselling, nursing, pastoral care, ministers of religion and the business world.
  • If you are seeking a new perspective on your own life or to acquire skills and understanding as an adjunct to your core profession, this course aims to provide that pathway.

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Course Information

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We offer two courses, Advanced Diploma and Advanced Course. Both have exactly the same content.  The Advanced Diploma and the Advanced Course each consist of Four Units, listed below. Both courses are delivered online, full time, self-paced or a combination of these over the two years of enrolment.

The first Unit is a prerequisite for all of the others and students are required to complete this Unit successfully before progressing to the remainder of the Units. Students would then usually follow the Units in sequence. Unit Four can only be done after the completion of the first three Units. Students are required to purchase the text for each unit in either hard copy or online before beginning each Unit.

Entry Requirements
A background in medicine, nursing, community services, social work, counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, pastoral care, chaplaincy or related fields and preferably a relevant recognised higher education or vocational education qualification at Certificate IV or above or sufficient work experience to indicate likely success at this level. A high level language and literacy levels sufficient to interpret complex documents and summarise your learning in significant written assignments.

Course Recognition
The Advanced Diploma (10561NAT, RTO 31607) is Nationally Recognised Training at AQF 6 level, has ASQA accreditation and is accredited as specialist training through PACFA (in progress). Both courses have industry recognition from the Viktor Frankl Institutes in Vienna and the USA. Important: Logotherapy is an additional qualification to your professional qualification. It is not a qualification for practice in a particular field. 

The Advanced Diploma if offered through Club Training Australia (RTO 31607). The Advanced Course is offered direct to you by Lifechange Therapies.

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Section 1: Overview
Section 2: Basic Concepts
Section 3: The Human Spirit
Section 4: Finding Meaning in Unavoidable Suffering
Section 5: Introduction to Techniques

Text: Man’s Search for Meaning (Viktor Frankl). (Beacon or Rider editions)

Section 1: Overview of the development of Psychology
Section 2: The philosophy of Existential Analysis
Section 3: Discovering meaning in daily living
Section 4: Some logotherapy techniques
Section 5: Some logotherapeutic situations

Text: The Will to Meaning (Viktor Frankl)

Section 1: The steps of a Logotherapy intervention
Section 2: Revising and extending techniques
Section 3: Motivation, values and attitudinal change
Section 4: Specific applications of Logotherapy
Section 5: Structured experiences

Text: Logotherapy: Method of Choice in Ecumenical Pastoral Care (Ann V. Graber)

Section 1: Frankl’s Classification System
Section 2: Logotherapy and pre-diagnosed conditions
Section 3: Noogenic Neuroses and the Collective Neurosis

Text: On the Theory and Therapy of Mental Disorders (Viktor Frankl)

We have a payment method to suit every student. If you decide to pay for the whole course upfront you will enjoy a substantial discount. You can proceed with your course without worrying about further payments. Or if you prefer to spread your payments you can take advantage of our monthly payment plan over 24 months, or choose to enrol and pay for one unit at a time.

Our two courses are priced as competitively as possible as our primary aim is to further the understanding and application of Logotherapy and Frankl’s insight into the reality of what it means to be human.

The Advanced Diploma
Has a higher price structure due to the cost our RTO (Club Training Australia RTO 31607), incurs to ensure compliance with ASQA requirements and the fees for service they need to pass on to Lifechange Therapies for access to their Learning Management System (LMS). The Advanced Diploma is Nationally Recognised Training. Credit for further studies at TAFE and University could be sought for this course. Course material is provided via the LMS and student work uploaded to the LMS for assessment and comment. (Note the final cost of this course is currently under negotiation with Club Training).

The Advanced Course
Is offered by Lifechange Therapies as a cost-effective alternative to the Advanced Diploma. Course material is supplied online via Dropbox and downloaded by students. Student work is sent by email to your tutor for assessment and comment. Enrolment in the full Advanced Course includes 2 years of membership of the Viktor Frankl Institute Australia (currently $100 annually). (Does not apply to single unit enrolment option).

Both courses offer optional online tutorials and access to online recorded lectures. A comparison of the courses is below:

Course Advanced Diploma in Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy) Studies Advanced Course in Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy) Studies
Nationally Recognised Training by ASQA Yes Yes
Upfront payment $5000 $2000
Monthly payments over 24 months $220 per month $90 per month (24 months) full course $550 per single unit
Access to course materials Yes Yes
Support from an experienced tutor Yes Yes
Online tutorials (optional) Yes Yes
Access to online recorded lectures Yes Yes
Potential credit for future TAFE / University Studies Yes No
Recognition by PACFA Yes No
Recognition by Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna Yes Yes
Recognition by Viktor Frankl Institute (USA) Yes Yes
Enrol in Single Unit Yes – Use the Contact Us form below Yes – Use the Contact Us form below.

A tutor is appointed to work with you during your enrolment. You can have regular email, skype or telephone contact with your tutor and join the online group for each Unit.

You tutor will be a qualified Logotherapists who also have higher level degrees in other disciplines – Counselling, Psychology, Sociology, Education.

In addition to an invitation to participate in the online tutorials for your course, you can email your tutor at any time and if necessary you can organise a time to meet with your tutor online to discuss aspects of the course or seek clarification of concepts or support with assignments.

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Doctor of Philosophy (ACU), Doctor of Psychology (GTF), Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling) (USQ), Post Graduate Diploma of Educational Studies (Psychology) (UQ), Academic Associate in Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl Institute , USA), Diplomate Clinician Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl Institute , USA), Faculty Member Viktor Frankl Institute (USA), Member Viktor Frankl Institute (Vienna),Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110

M Couns (QUT), M Soc Sc (Pastoral Counselling) ACU, MA(Sociology), BA, G Dip Ed, G Dip Interpreting / Translating, Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment, PACFA Registration (Provisional), Advanced Diploma of Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy) Studies, Lifeline Accredited Crisis Support worker.

All Tutorials are scheduled for 6 pm (AEST) (Brisbane time)
Tutorials are scheduled for 1 hour each.

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Semester 1 (March 31 to June30) Semester 2 (July 31 to Nov 30)
Unit 1 Mondays
1 April
13 May
3 June
5 August
9 September
14 October
Unit 2 Mondays
22 April
20 May
27 May
24 June
26 August
16 September
7 October
28 October
Unit 3 Wednesdays
24 April
22 May
29 May
26 June
28 August
18 September
9 October
30 October
Unit 4 Wednesdays
3 April
15 May
5 June
7 August
11 September
16 October
  • Study online and at your own pace, so you can fit the course with your learning style.
  • Maximise your investment and save a significant amount compared to traditional classroom programs.
  • Industry accredited by PACFA (in progress) as a specialist training program.
  • Nationally recognised training program (Advanced Diploma) by ASQA.
  • Equivalent training to the ASQA accredited course (Advanced Course).
  • A complete external study support system with optional online tutorials and access to experienced tutors.
  • International recognition by the Viktor Frankl Institutes in Vienna and USA.
  • Enrol Now by going to the Investment tab above.
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