Logotherapy believes that meaning can be found everywhere, in the smallest of life’s activities. We find meaning in:

The posture of Logotherapy is always outwards, towards a task to fulfil or another to be loved or a stance to take in unavoidable situations. It is often about looking at circumstance through a different lens.

Work is not a daily grind but a contribution to society, as well as a way to support my family.

A loving relationship is not about what I receive but about the welfare and satisfaction of the other.

The rocks of life are often unavoidable. Much of good fortune is what I have been spared from facing in my life. Frankl believed that psychiatrists might well spend more time to study the ordinary person in the street. Most people know instinctively how to respond to life’s challenges. Therapy is required for those who have hit a rock of life and fail to recover.

The logotherapist works with clients to help them discern these meaning-filled circumstances of life. To find out more about becoming a logotherapist or to access counselling with a logotherapeutic approach, read through this website or fill out the Contact Us form below.

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