Logotherapy Worksheets

Logotherapy Self-Help worksheets

This range of Logotherapy Self-Help Worksheets are available for personal use, they are not intended for therapists unless qualified as logotherapists. To fully analyse your responses via individual counselling, or to learn more about becoming a Logotherapist and using instruments like the Worksheets with your clients, be sure to let Paul know in the "Message" section of the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the page. Please choose just the one that interests you most right now. You can return later and ask Paul to send another.

Evaluate Your Own meaning in Life

It has been compiled from a list of twenty values summarised from answers given by a large sample of people who were asked which values they most want in life and adapted further by Lifechange Therapies. 

This evaluation is challenging and will take 30 minutes or more, or perhaps even a few days of thinking through your values in life.

Develop Your own Meaningful & purposeful Goals

If you are in the majority, you feel some lack of satisfying direction in your life. Increase Your Meaningful and Purposeful Goals (MPGs) is designed for you. The material is aimed at people who sense a need for a satisfying direction for their lives – people who want truly meaningful and purposeful goals. Note: I am indebted to Bob Hutzell, for many years editor of the International Forum for Logotherapy and one of my logotherapy teachers, for developing this instrument. (Paul)

Acknowledgement of Your Death

This is in some ways a very challenging exercise, so please take care. Acknowledging the temporary nature of our existence is to make each day more important. “It matters not that we have to leave this world, but it is important to have something to leave from”. (Viktor Frankl).

Reflections on the Meaning triangle

This exercise expands on the text of the Purple Butterfly from the Home Page. It is personal. Each of us makes a contribution to this life and receives gifts from it. At times there is nothing we can do but take an attitude to what life sends, those unavoidable situations.

Accessing the Logotherapy Self-Help worksheets

To access the worksheets, complete the Contact Us form below. In the “Enquiry” section, select “Self-Help Worksheets”, add your contact information, in the “Message” section, tell us which worksheet(s) you would like, and if you wish add a short message. Paul will email you the worksheets.   

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