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Course Structure and Options

A Short Course Offered Free to our students in Unit 2 and for a fee (payable to Viktor Frankl Institute of America) for others.

Take the New Short Course – four parts, one hour per week, offered by the Viktor Frankl Institute of America and hosted by Frankl's grandson Alex Vesely. Alex has brought together a range of video material on Frankl and his teaching. During the course he provides some of his own insights on his grandfather and hosts a tour of the Viktor Frankl Zentrum in Vienna.

You will have an overview of the philosophy of life that is Logotherapy and engage with Frankl’s meaning centred approach to therapy.
You will be invited to join our Viktor Frankl Institute Australia Facebook Group.

When finished you will come back to Lifechange Therapies. Email to receive your course completion certificate.

To begin, email . Paul will send the link to the Australian version of the course from the Viktor Frankl Institute of America. Once on their site, register and pay the course fee (US $60). NOTE this course is provided free of charge for students in Advanced Course Unit 2. Do not enrol if you are intending to complete the Advanced Course. 

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