Refunds &


A full refund can be requested in writing within 30 days of enrolment. A full refund will be given minus administration costs, postage and books provided. The Advanced Diploma refund also has Club Training Australia charges deducted.  

Online Delivery

Other refunds will only be considered in the following circumstances:-

  • If the student is unable to access the course within a reasonable timeframe due to technical difficulties caused by Life Change Therapies.
  • If the course is discontinued.
  • If a student has been charged incorrectly.
  • If the student selects the wrong course and commences that course in error, Life Change Therapies will organise a transfer to the correct course.


  • Purchasing one online training course allows one person to access the training course. Courses are not transferable. The course content is copyright and may not be re-used or copied without permission of Lifechange Therapies. 
  • Students suspected of misrepresenting their identity may be excluded from accessing the course and withdrawn from training without compensation.
  • All students completing the Advanced Diploma must provide a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number and personal information in order to receive a Statement of Attainment. No certificates will be issued until this information is provided to Club Training Australia. (This is not required for International online enrolments). 

Timeframe for Completion

  • From the time of enrolment, you have two years to complete your online course. You can access the course materials as many times as you like during that two years, after which your account will be suspended. For assistance, contact
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