Viktor Frankl Institute Australia

The Viktor Frankl Institute Australia is an incorporated association that promotes the philosophy and practice of Logotherapy in Australia.

The specific purposes of the Institute, as defined in our constitution are:


To promote the thought and therapeutic practice of Viktor Frankl to combat, amongst other psychological illnesses, the widespread phenomenon of depression.


To promote research into the philosophical and ethical impact of Logotherapy.


To promote the practice of Logotherapy.


To seek academic channels for training in Logotherapy.


To promote a healthier and more resilient society through the teachings and practice of Logotherapy.

Members of the Institute have access free of charge to our three Education days held each year, are provided with a Certificate of Membership, access to the institute Facebook page to join in conversations with other Logotherapists and supporters, and contact with similar institutes around the world. You will also receive twice yearly the Logotherapy Journal, an international publication. Past copies of the Journal are also available to members. 

Membership of the Institute is currently $100 per year. To join as an individual member.  go to

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