Advanced Course in Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy)
Upfront payment. $2000.
Monthly payments over 24 months. $90 per month (24 months) full course $550 per single unit.
Payment per Unit (no obligation to enrol beyond Unit 1). $550 per unit.
Access to course materials? Yes, online via Dropbox.
Support from an experienced tutor? Available via email, or ZOOM (by arrangement).
Access to online recorded lectures Yes, online via Dropbox
Intensive study weekends Yes, in conjunction with VFIA education days.
Recognition by PACFA Yes, specialist training for PACFA registrants.
Recognition by Viktor Frankl Institutes? Yes, Australia, Vienna, and USA.
Enrol in Single Unit Yes - Use the Contact Us form below
  • Study online and at your own pace, so you can fit the course with your learning style.
  • Maximise your investment and save a significant amount compared to traditional classroom programs.
  • Industry accredited by PACFA as a specialist training program.
  • A complete external study support system with optional weekend attendance at intensive classes and access to experienced tutors.
  • Recognition by the Viktor Frankl Institutes in Australia, Vienna and the USA
  • Enrol Now by going to the Fees tab above.